the-kurajo_PREMIUM 蔵元情報-柴田酒造


Okazaki-shi, with Shibata Shuzo is located in a mountain at an altitude of 350 meters, is blessed with clear air and abundant mountain water, the best mountain river for sake making. We use the natural well water "Jin Shui" which flows out from the mountain for all processes of sake making from washing rice to preparation.

It is said that "Washi is a good sake" from long ago.
In Kura Kuran, the Kuran people make their feelings one and we are working together on sake making together.
所在地: 〒444-3442 愛知県岡崎市保久町神水39番地
TEL:0564-84-2007 FAX:0564-84-2785

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