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創業明治 29 年。戦国時代の多くの大名や武将の争奪の的となった石見銀山の玄関口である、島根県大田市の中心部に位置しております。 良質の酒米はもちろん、特に水にこだわり、
Founding Meiji 29 years. It is located in the center of Ohda city, Shimane prefecture, the gateway to the Iwami Ginzan,which became the battleground for many Daimyo and warlords of the Warring States Period.
Of course not only for good quality sake rice, but also sticking to water, we use underflow water springing from the foot of the majestic Sambe mountain as water with high antioxidant power to prepare. In order to have the taste of the new sake brewed after aging as it is as it is, after burning by the bottle type method (heat treatment with sake brewed), after quenching and refrigerating storage, striving for quality control, striving for quality control A young couple of Kuramoto who inherited technology is the center and making sake.
所在地: 〒694-0064 島根県大田市大田町大田ハ271-2
TEL:0854-82-0057 FAX:0854-82-9085

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