南部杜氏発祥の地とされる岩手県紫波郡紫波町にある紫波酒造店。 南部杜氏とは日本酒を造る代表的な杜氏集団の一つです。 岩手南部の地が杜氏の里として栄え始めたのは江戸初期、1678年(延宝6年)。 祖・井村権兵衛が今の紫波町志和地区で酒造りをはじめた頃からであり 近江商人であった権兵衛が大阪三池より池田流の『すみ酒』の醸造技術を持ち込んでからの歴史です。 日本酒の醸造技術が南部領内に広まり新たな南部流、南部杜氏の基礎が築き上げられました。 その技は先進技術とともに今日まで守り育てられ、受け継がれた伝統の技は広く全国の酒蔵に出向き銘酒を醸し続けており 日本最大級の杜氏集団の里として今日に至っております。

紫波酒造店では、全ての酒を「酸基醴酛(さんきあまざけもと)」で醸しています。 米の旨味やいい水の味わいをしっかり引き出すための古くて新しい製法です。 高温の仕込み水で糖化した蒸米にそれぞれの酒の個性に合わせ選抜した乳酸菌を添加し酒母を立てます。 個性とはもちろん「米の品種」と「磨きの度合い」です。 それによって、それぞれの「米の味わい」が変わってきて、お楽しみ頂ける商品のバリエーションが出来上がっていきます。 紫波酒造店ならではの味わいが楽しめます。

a sake that will please a lot of people.
Hirota Sake Brewery is located in Shiwa Town, Shiwa District, Iwate Prefecture, which is said to be the birthplace of "Nanbu Toji". Mr. "Nanbu Toji" is one of the representative Toji groups who make sake. The southern part of Iwate began to prosper as a village of Toji in the early Edo period, 1678 (6th year of Enpo). It is the history since the founder, Gonbei Imura, started brewing sake in the Shiwa district of Shiwa Town, and Gonbei, who was an Omi merchant, brought in the Ikeda style "Sumishu" brewing technology from Osaka Miike. The sake brewing technology spread throughout the southern territory, laying the foundation for a new southern style, "Nanbu Toji". The technique has been preserved and nurtured together with advanced technology to this day, and the traditional technique that has been handed down has been widely visited in sake breweries nationwide and continues to brew famous sake, and it continues to this day as the village of Japan's largest group of Toji.

At Hirota Sake Brewery, all sake is brewed with "sankiamazakemoto". It is an old and new manufacturing method to bring out the umami of rice and the taste of good water. Lactic acid bacteria selected according to the individuality of each sake are added to steamed rice saccharified with hot water to make a sake mother. The individuality is, of course, the "rice variety" and the "Rice polishing". As a result, each "taste of rice" will change, and a variety of products that you can enjoy will be completed. You can enjoy the unique taste of Hirota Sake Brewery. quality control A young couple of Kuramoto who inherited technology is the center and making sake.

女性杜氏:小野 裕美氏