杜氏は、蔵元の次女 吉田真子さん。そして蔵人は永平寺町在住で、春から秋には一緒に米作り、冬には酒造りをしています。白龍は、お客様の笑顔のためにこれからも、米作り、酒造りをとことん追求していきます。

Traditional taste to protect with family.
I started making sake at the Kamishihi in 1806 before 210 years from now. We are doing polite sake making by handmade in order to make the deliciousness coming from the culture climate without pursuing production amount at Eiheiji Terroir. All the koji is handmade, rice also limited water absorption, cherish the personality of each preparation, sake which maximizes the power of rice and water is, "rich and beautiful sake" in "power to tomorrow" I am aiming. And we will make rice seriously and will devote ourselves to evolution of sake making.
Touji is Mako Yoshida, the second daughter of a brewery. And kurabito make rice together from spring to autumn and I am making sake in winter. We will continue to pursue rice making and sake making in the future for our customers' smiles.

女性蔵元:吉田 由香里氏
女性蔵元:吉田 真子氏