それから350年余り、代々襲名してきた八兵衛の名前を継ぐ当主の平井さんは17代目、そして、娘 弘子さんが18代目です。平井さんは商社マンとして海外勤務を経験した後に家業を継ぐことを決意し、自ら杜氏の修行を始めました。今でこそ滋賀では珍しくない蔵元杜氏の先駆けともいえます。

350 year-old Sake Brewery of history.
Hirai sake brewery of a traditional building in for Shopping street. It is a place where sake is served at the back of the building, and when it enters the shop during the winter, sake brewing is, a good smell drifts. The brand is called "Asajio" and was named after a poem from of Gomizuno Emperor.

Founded in 1658. At that time, Otsu was a key hub of Lake Biwa Lake Traffic and prospered as a relay point for logistics. Sake Brewery was also popular as the word "Otsu Sake" was. Since then, over 350 years, Mr. Hirai is the 17th generation, and her daughter Ms. Hiroko is the 18th generation. Ms. Hirai decided to inherit family business after experiencing overseas work. And started training Touji myself. It can be said that it is a pioneer of "Kuramoto, Touji" not unusual in Shiga now.

女性杜氏:平井 弘子氏