県下第二の人口を擁する姫路市は、播磨地域の中心都市。国宝であり世界遺産にも指定されている姫路城の城下町として古くから栄え、豊かな伝統文化を育んできた。ここ姫路の地で創業104年を迎える酒造メーカー「灘菊」。その蔵元の三女として生まれた川石光佐さんは、東京農業大学で醸造学を学び、南部杜氏 鎌田勝平さんの下で3年間修業した後、灘菊の杜氏に就任しました。

Taste loved locally.
Himeji city with the second prefecture's population is the central city of the Harima area. As a castle town of Himeji castle which is also designated as a National Treasure and a World Heritage Site, it has been prosperous for a long time and has cultivated a rich traditional culture. A brewery manufacturer "Nadaku" that celebrated its 104th year here in Himeji. Mr. Ishiko Kawashita who was born as the third woman of the brewery studied brewing science at Tokyo Agricultural University, and after 3 years under Mr. Katsuhei Kamata of Minami Takeshi, he took office as a buddhist dude.
In 2010, after passing the examination, the woman became the first southern department of western Japan, and in May this year saw two sake selected by themselves were chosen as a honorable sake at the meeting of southern authorities. I am working on sake brewing that is unique to Himeji at my parents' storehouse.

女性杜氏:川石 光佐