Sake brewery spreading together with the
"Seto Inland Sea of the Tokai".
The Hazu area in Nishio City Aichi is designated as Mikawa Bay National Monument Park, and small islands such as "Maejima" and "Okinoshima" are scattered in the ocean which spreads before our eyes, its beauty which is varied is "Seto in Tokai It is also called sea". Since its foundation, it is a brewery shop that has been walking in a lot of sake brewers with this place as a setting. With the water that nurture oneself, clear air, and proprietary techniques of sake making in Born from harmony is many sake major brand of "sonnou" such beginning with we have received high praise from everyone.

Sake is a gift from the culture, We will continue to talk with nature, and we will continue to dialogue with people of drinkers, we would like to deliver richer taste.

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