日本一の湖、琵琶湖を抱く近江は良質の米と水に恵まれ、古くより酒造りが盛んな地でございます。 近江湖東に連なる鈴鹿山系を源とする愛知川の伏流水と、玉栄を始めとする近江の酒造好適米を使い、能登杜氏が技術の粋をつくして醸し上げた手造りの美酒は、滋賀県内はもとより、全国の酒通の方々よりご愛顧を賜っております。
Omi embracing Lake Biwa, the lake in Japan, is blessed with good quality rice and water, and it is a place full of sake making since ancient times. Handmade sake brewed by Noto Masashi's technical styling using the underwater water of the Echi River that originates from the Suzuka mountain range leading to Omi Kouto and Omi Sake brewery suitable for Omi, including Yamae,
As a matter of fact, we are pleased to offer patronage from all over the country.
藤居本家は江戸時代より代々酒造りを家業としてまいり、新嘗祭の御神酒(白酒)を宮中へ献上させていただく栄を賜る酒蔵でもあります。 また、当家の主屋と書院は国の登録有形文化財に指定を受けております。(非公開) 優れた文化を持つ地には麗しい酒が育つといいます。近江の歴史と文化・自然の恵みに育まれて手造りの伝統を守る酒蔵。気品と風格を備えた深い味わいを、お楽しみいただけます。
Fujii Honke is a sake shop that is prosperous to offer sake brewery as a family business from generation of Edo era for generations and to offer you Shinjin no Okami (white wine) (Shirasaki) to the Imperial Court. In addition, our main shop and school are designated as registered tangible cultural properties of the country. (private) It is said that beautiful sake will grow in areas with excellent culture. Sake brewery that keeps the handmade tradition bred by the history of Omi and the blessings of culture and nature. You can enjoy a deep flavor with elegance and style.
所在地:〒5529-1303 滋賀県愛知郡愛荘町長野793
TEL:0749-42-2080 FAX:0749-42-3047

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