多治見・土岐 地下水・三国山系伏流水

Tajimi, Toki groundwater,
Mikuni mountainous underflowing water.
Mikuni mountainous underflowing water flowing in the underground of Tajimi and Toki. Good quality water that has been cleaned by nature over the years. The water quality is a very soft soft water with a low content of metals such as iron and manganese.
焼き物の一大生産地、岐阜県土岐市多治見市周辺はぶ厚い粘土質の地盤が広がっています。地下水がその層を通ることによって天然のフィルターの役割を果たし、軟水の中でもとりわけ軟度の高い軟水になります。清酒「千古乃岩」の仕込水は、その地盤の地下45mから汲み上げる三国山系伏流水を使用しています。水質は清酒の品質を劣化させる鉄やマンガンなどの、金属含量が少なく清酒製造に非常に適しているのが特徴です。WHO(世界保健機構)飲料水水質ガイドラインに沿うと硬度7の超軟水(硬度60以下が軟水)となります。硬度10以下の水は、軟水の中でも非常に少ないものです。 この水を仕込み水にすることにより、ゴクゴクいけてしまうくらい柔らかい飲み口の日本酒になります。

A major production area of pottery, around Tajimi City, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, the soil of thick clay quality is spreading. Underground water plays the role of natural filters by passing through the layers, it becomes water with a high degree in softness . The charged water of "chigonoiwa" is pumped up from the underground 45m of the ground. The quality of the water is very suitable for the production of sake with less metal content, such as iron and manganese, which makes the liquor worse. The drinking water guideline of the WHO (World Health Organization) is a soft drink of hardness 7. The water below the hardness of 10 is very Less even in soft water. It becomes easy to drink and soft sake by making it to the charged water.
清酒「千古乃岩」は、越後杜氏伝承の技によって、品質一筋に丹精込めて醸造する岐阜の地酒です。明治42年(1909年)創業者の中島重蔵は、この地方の巨石「稚児岩」にあやかって、千年の時を想い「千古乃岩」と名付けました。岐阜の気候や風土と共に絶妙なバランスで造られる、静かで芳醇な岐阜の地酒です。岐阜県土岐の山あいにある稚児岩と呼ばれる巨岩は、長さ18m、高さ18m、重さ推定13,125トン、土岐市の天然記念物にも指定されています。この巨岩は、めでたい岩とされており、子宝に恵まれると伝えられています。400年ほど昔、子宝に恵まれない夫婦が観音様のお告げによって山道を歩いていると、この岩に行きあたりそこでお祈りをすると珠のような子供を授かったと言われています。また、 武蔵坊弁慶が持ってきたという逸話も残っています。

Sake hope blissful of thousand years.
Sake ”Chigonoiwa” is by the work of Echigo master brewer lore, Gifu sake brewing painstakingly to quality ray. 1909, is Shigezo Nakajima of the founder, Based on the region's megalithic "Chigonoiwa" The time of a thousand years was named desire "Chigonoiwa". It is brewing in perfect balance with the Gifu climate It is quiet and mellow Gifu sake. When the drink lock smiling ice, Drink in more refreshing. Huge rock called Chigonoiwa in Gifu Prefecture Toki of mountains, Length 18m, height 18m, weight estimated 13,125 tons, Also as a natural monument of Toki has been specified.This huge rock, which is the auspicious rock, has been reported to have a healthy baby. Once upon a time about 400 years, When the husband and wife do not blessed with baby is walking a mountain road by Kannon of revelation, Go to this rock, it is said when you pray and was blessed with a child, such as a pearl. In addition, Benkei Musashibo has also remained a story that was brought.