昔から、「清酒は米と水」と言われるように、水の良し悪しは酒の良し悪しに直接大きな影響を与えます。このことは、昔から良水のあるところに銘醸地が誕生しているということからも明らかです。 千代菊は、木曽川と長良川に挟まれた羽島市にあります。この地域では、比較的浅い井戸の場合は木曽川水系の水、そして地下100m以上になると長良川水系の水、さらに200m以上掘り下げると揖斐川水系の水となると言われています。千代菊の酒造用水は、地下128mから汲み上げる清流長良川の伏流水です。カルシウムなど、無機質を適度に含んだ清らかなこの名水が、千代菊ならではのまろやかさを生み出しています。
Water has a direct effect on the taste of liquor, as it is said that sake is rice and water. It is clear from the fact that Jyouji ground has been born in the place where there is a Raizumi from ancient times. “Chiyogiku” Chrysanthemum is located in Hashima City, sandwiched by Kiso and Nagara River. In this region, in the case of relatively shallow wells Kiso basin water, and more than 100m underground water in the Nagara Basin, dig over 200m and become Ibi river water. “Chiyogiku” liquor uses the water of the Nagara River from the underground 128m. This water, including calcium, make a mellow taste.
The Sakakura family who settled in Takegahana village, Mino country, began making sake brewing in 1738 to the seventh generation owner, Matakichi.The cold air of Ibaraki grated is full and the groundwater of the Nagara River in the clear stream springs abundantly and this area located in the center of the Nobi Plain Granded Zone. I focused on being the best for sake brewing.At that time the name of the alcoholic bean was "light red leaves."The palatable and mellow taste will be reminiscent of Mino 's autumn.The Nagaragawa River, famous for cormorants, is also characterized by not having a dam upstream.The flow of 158 km long will be broken into rocks, descending from the sea, forming a stagnation free of rivers.Meanwhile, clean ground water is brought to this whole area.
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